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Digital products developed with maturity and scalability, leading
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Product Innovation & consulting
The best way to predict the future is to create it

Innovative enterprises understand the need to adapt to a dynamic technology-driven future. WeDigTech leverages digital technology to cause radical industry-level transformation and enhance products and services portfolios into new domains. WeDigTech’s unique approach helps:

  • Create & implement disruptive ideas to capture new revenues and expand to new markets
  • Merge existing business models with trending technologies
  • Improve customer & user experiences

We use our expertise in design thinking, market research, budgeting, and more, to define product features, create prototypes and inputs for a go-to-market strategy for digital products with proven and optimized ROIs.

Why choose WeDigTech as your product development partner?
Extensive Research

Our team of experts are highly experienced in conducting extensive market research to ensure every consumer need, each market and improvement opportunity is identified.

Superior Product Design

Products are designed based on the highest standards by experts who understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

Leading Industry Processes

Our team consists of Certified Agile Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Experienced Full-stack Technology Leads and Developers, and Integrated QA and DevOps processes.

Prioritized Communication

We are known for our superior communication with our clients as we believe that it is essential for a successful delivery. Throughout the duration of the project, clients play a significant and continual advisory role to ensure their ideas are realized.

Leading-Edge Product Engineering

We ensure that the solutions we create are full stack, scalable, and secure with performance optimized code for faster apps and a better user experience.

Expertise in Every Phase of Development

We've assisted businesses at every stage of new product development, including market research, idea generation, concept feasibility, product development, test marketing, product launch, and support & maintenance.

What are the pitfalls in innovation?

Most of the companies pretend that innovation is their major priority, but as per market aspect, the innovation is hard enough to implement. Digital and data are required even though the expert innovators are continuously learning and mastering new capabilities and developing faster and more agile research and development processes.

There are a lot of reasons that leads underperform the innovation engine. The reasons can be divided into four type:

All Torque, no traction

The activity for the progress that development team follows might be wrong, this activity keeps everyone busy but there is no profitable output as roles are unclear and initiatives are not linked to an overarching strategy.

Stuck in the lab

The organisation perseus mediocre idea for too long wasting resources that could instead be dedicated to good ideas with the potential to scale.

Abstraction, No action

Missing the market research leads to a non user centric approach of the product and service development. Keeping a high level strategy and insufficient user centricity to inspire action and direct investment to the valuable business opportunities.

Autoimmune Reaction

The future results are not based on the past performance. The new innovations are delayed by corporate policies, watered down by process, kept on a short leash by internal “customer owners,” or just relegated to organizational purgatory.

Our Innovation and Consulting Journey

Our strategy supports the overall business in terms of adding value and profit as we look both outside and inside to make it. The outside allows us to understand the key trends shaping consumer expectations and to prioritize the relevant domain for innovation investment. And inside to understand the weakness and the strengths of the innovation system. The strategy enables the innovation system to gain traction by pinpointing the most important areas for investment.


Strategy is necessary but it is never sufficient for the demand, decisive action and speed are required to create profit by shortening product and business model life cycles. Our sprint-based approach leads us to create the MVP with a strategy that is faster to market in the minimum time frame. The Test and Learn approach allows us to test the system from the beginning and learn about it by feedback and usability making the product more efficient.


Maximizing the return on innovation investments requires the ability to find product-market fit and scale the most promising projects fast. Our working approach allows us to work closely with our clients to support them in making the transition from experimentation to execution of a new product, service, or business model.


Increasingly, innovation success calls for the ability to continually build new innovation muscles—or to bring in new skills and capabilities from outside. We help organizations identify the critical capabilities needed and define the best path to obtain them, whether through corporate venturing, partnership, acquisition, or internal development.

Solution Development Flow
Innovation Services

We work closely with internal cross-functional teams to help companies vault the innovation chasm
and deliver exceptional digital products to market.

Product Design

Designing secure products with an attractive and modern appearance, and high functionality and performance.

Product Features

Understanding the pain points, requirements, necessary technical specifications, and goals to define the essential product features.

Market Research

Researching market dynamics, market maturity, consumer needs, GTM budgets, product complexities, MVP development needs, and more.

Creating Budgets

Defining the costs associated with each step in the development, deployment and management


Conducting early testing, refining ideas and iterative product development in a cost-effective way.

Recommendations for a Go-To-Market Strategy

Providing inputs on buyer profiles, competition, market demand and opportunities

Our Consulting Services
Product Management consulting

Helps to develop better products, faster, development performance by improving product strategy, portfolio management, development process and accelerating innovation.

Technology Consulting

Technology consulting helps businesses by a complete digital transformation that includes maximizing the use of current technology including updating legacy apps, cloud migration, data-driven approach, and new tech solutions.

Product Design Consulting

Assured 10X impact on your market with advanced methodologies of the design of the products. The huge benefit of innovative product design consulting is to turn the innovation goals into reality that enable business to understand user experience, key points to improve and make the product and services better.

10+ years of experience in building
and executing Product Innovation and Consulting
in business
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With an aim to serve the business purpose and fulfilling requirement of people, we have delivered 500+ potential solutions across the world and met with both client and end users expectations.

We believe in quality, we served the quality!

We create long term partnerships with our clients
Trusted, Collaborative, and Valued Partners

"WeDigTech was without a doubt the best choice OVAL could have made for this production. They have been trusted, collaborative, and valued partners from the beginning of the project and long after the initial production ended."

Mike Harry
Oval (CEO, OVAL Digital Inc.)
A Full-Stack Development House

“I've been working with the team at WeDigTech for nearly 3 years now and it has been a pleasure working with them. They are incredibly hard working and honest, and have all the skills and experience that you expect from a full-stack development house.”

Patrick Deehan
Music Wellness App (Founder)
Successful Partnership

“Having worked on the first version of the app, WeDig Techsolutions is the exclusive developer for the next iteration of Earnster For Teens. Users reacted positively to their work and feel the platform is more accessible. The team’s involved collaborative skills and responsive communication are key to the successful partnership.”

Candace Walker
Founder, Earnster Inc.
Quality Driven Process

“In regard to the aforementioned project, the latest development was over a 3 month period. We have been working extensively with Wedigtech for the last 8 years with several large projects. It is due to their commitment to quality work and timely deliveries that we have focused all our outsourcing with them. Very good english skills overall and a strong support team for any of the technologies we asked them so far. Highly recommended.”

Audio Video Unlimited
VP- IT Systems
Pro-user approach

"WeDig's approach to technology and software development is unlike anything I have had the privileged to be a part of and I have worked and collaborated with some of the biggest names in IT such as IBM, AOL, Sapient, and QinetiQ."

Kareem Bacho
Founder - Visualroom
Complete package

“WeDigTech team has amazing programmers and they worked on a project owned by the HILTON for me. I can only say that you ask it and they do can be done!”

Allen Rubin
Owner - Southbay Website Design
Scaling-up abilities

“WeDigTech is a great company to work with. They offer quality services combined with reliable communication.”

Messiah Jacobs
tapReplay (co-founder)
Scaling-up abilities

“WeDigTech is a great company to work with. They offer quality services combined with reliable communication.”

Messiah Jacobs
tapReplay (co-founder)
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