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We are scaling our backend teams to build the best apps in India and we are almost there and very much close to the goal. Experienced programmers who cut their teeth on enterprise-grade projects, but also younger, ambitious backend developers who want to learn from the best. Our Node.js/PHP Programmers are full-stack developers who use the best tools and strategies to work on our most interesting projects for large-scale enterprises across the world.


At WeDigTech the respect for the JS programmers is always huge as we know the importance of the intuitive interface. We encourage three frameworks: React, Angular and Vue.js. However, we do not take sides in the everlasting conflict of their supporters, because we all have one thing in common: the beauty of JavaScript. And of course the best technologies, like WebStorm or ECMAScript 8.

Android & iOS

One of the largest iOS and Android teams in India and the foundation of WeDigTech. Having so much potential within the platforms allows our developers to create a variety of features to heighten the customer's experience. At WeDigTech, iOS programmers will never run out of interesting things to do – they develop works of art in Obj C and Swift on a daily basis.

UI/UX Design

WeDigTech is more than just programmers. We believe in converting the concept into working ideas that deliver value to the customers and businesses. Our reasonable and modern approach starts from thorough research, Interaction Design, and Visual Design, to complete Product Design. We work closely with our BFFs – copywriters and developers. Everything is done using the best equipment and graphics software available.


WeDigTech has a special force that is always lined with the special tasks and projects for the large-scale enterprise. Our special force is dedicated to delivering secure, scalable, and stable architecture and our clients are well aware of it as we have already proved it to them. That's why we can – and know how to – implement DevOps solutions on a large scale: from Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes, to Google Cloud Storage and Amazon Web Services. Infrastructure is fundamental!

We are currently looking for
Technical Manager

Experience: 5+ yrs

Jaipur, india
Sr. React Js Developer

Experience: 4+ yrs

Jaipur, india
Sr. Node Developer

Experience: 4+ yrs

Jaipur, india
Operations Executive

Experience: 3+ yrs

Jaipur, india
Operations Manager

Experience: 5+ yrs

Jaipur, india
FinOps Executive

Experience: 3+ yrs

Jaipur, india
Business Development Manager

Experience: 5+ yrs

Jaipur, india
Sr. Laravel Developer

Experience: 4+ yrs

Jaipur, india
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We believe in growing with the team that includes team collaboration to share ideas and concepts for innovation, providing training for teams' development, daily new challenges for the adventures of coding and innovation. WeDigTech also believes in equal opportunity so we encourage fair employment practices and offer equal opportunities to all our employees. We provide you with generous Medical Insurance for you and your family.

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