Quality Assurance as a Service

Our quality testing services ensure the delivery of better user experience, functionality
and bug-free solutions to transform your digital business assuring better ROI.

Quality is not an act.
It’s a habit.
Our Quality Assurance services help with establishing concrete control over the product life cycle, keep track of the development phase, and ensure accurate product quality information. For the last 10 years, our deep-skilled experts are practicing the latest methodologies and technologies to deliver the best performing and high-quality product for the largest organizations and enterprises across the world.
Enhanced Quality

Customer objectives are a priority hence our testing services are fair and unbiased for the solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality.

Less Efforts & time

We care about skilled resources, not the headcount. Our testing team is rich with skills and our testing tools & methodologies make them more efficient leading to less effort and time.

Confidence in Product

We develop solutions to deliver value to users. Neglecting QA will increase the cost of the product as well as lose business opportunities. High-quality tools and methodologies enable us to deliver a reliable solution in the market.

Safe & Secure

The different phases of the testing also ensure the safety and functionality of the product. As compared to an ordinary developer, independent testing teams are able to find the vulnerabilities that prevent data leak and hacker attacks.

User Experience

As independent testing is not biased, it always ensures that functionality, design, quality is maintained through different methodologies and test cases. The better user experience will lead users to recommend your product or services to others.

Reduced Risk

QA as a service is beneficial as it reduces risk in terms of content, copyright, features, brand guidelines, and much more for web apps, mobile app,s or other services. This leads businesses to reduce the cost of maintenance and post-delivery issues that can be sometimes more than the overall project cost.

Quality Assurance Services
Our end-to-end QA services ensure that your digital product offers world-class value to your customers
Business analysis
  • Scope of work determination
  • Progress measurement
  • Backlog management
  • DoR, DoD standards
  • Proxy-PO activities
Manual testing
  • Exploratory and regression tests
  • Test case documentation
  • Non-functional tests
  • Test Execution Reports
  • Application log monitoring
Test automation
  • ROI Analysis
  • Framework recommendations
  • API and Visual UI testing
  • Test Execution Reports
  • E2E testing aligned with CI/CD process
Performance testing
  • Tools recommendation
  • Full performance tests
  • Load/stress testing
  • Monitoring application’s health
  • Performance and scalability testing
Mobile apps testing
  • Native and hybrid applications tests
  • iOS/Android devices lab
  • Test cases for native functions
  • Test simulators
  • Non-functional tests
  • QA process audit
  • QA process optimalization
  • ISTQB, IEE-829 standards
  • Building QA processes
  • Proactive approach
Security testing
  • Reconnaissance
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Vulnerability overview
  • GDPR penetration testing
10+ years of experience in building
and executing QA processes
in business
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I've been working with the team at Wedigtech for nearly 6 years now and it has been a pleasure working with them. They are incredibly hard working and honest, and have all the skills and experience that you expect from a full-stack development house.

Patrick Deehan

Music Wellness App (Founder)

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