How WeDigTech saves the time & cost in developing cutting-edge mobile app?

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The mobile application perfectly works for company promotion, development and growth. Nowadays by using only one application it’s possible to find the solution of almost all day-to-day business tasks. For example, you can:

– Automate business processes and reduce business costs.

– Analyse the effectiveness of the employees.

– Expand customer base

– Optimize the internal business processes.

– Increase customer loyalty.

– Increase ROI

and far far more.

Might be you have decided to get your branded application, but the development prices and time are ruining you dream. Right? Hold on!

Don’t get upset beforehand, WeDigTech has something really interesting to offer. We prepared this article to explain how it is possible to make your custom application without sacrificing the quality and money for time.

Let’s get technical: In the case of application development the best thing you can offer is to show, how you are getting the work done. Well let’s take a look at Firebase technology we are using to reduce the development cost and time.

Faster than thunder bigger than ocean: Among the best and most popular BaaSs is Firebase from Google. Essentially, Firebase is absolutely stunning in performance, implementation and operation. Firebase serves as a database that changes in real time and stores data in JSON. Any changes to the database are immediately synchronized between all clients

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or devices that use the same database. In other words, the update in Firebase occurs instantly.

High level of security: Together with the storage, Firebase also provides user authentication, and therefore all data is transmitted through a secure SSL connection. We can choose any combination of email and password for authentication, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Google, or something else.

One database for all platforms: In addition to the iOS SDK, Firebase has an SDK for Android and JavaScript. All platforms can use one database.

It’s hard to imagine that Firebase with all these features is a budget solution.

Keep your hands on the pulse: Cloud Functions for Firebase appeared not so long ago, but already had recommended itself as a quite useful service. Basically it provides the ability to place small JavaScript functions directly in the Google Cloud infrastructure, and execute them as a reaction to events caused by Firebase or HTTP requests.

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This allows you to customize or extend the standard operation of Firebase services with your features, such as sending welcome email to each new user (Authentication), monitoring and deleting spam in posts or chats (Realtime Database), converting images when downloading to the storage (Storage), etc

For curious ones (for you marketers): Google Analytics for Firebase is a perfect instrument to track your application performance. The service was developed jointly by Firebase and Google Analytics and all reports are now available not only in the Firebase console, but also in the Google Analytics interface.

There were added many more analytical features, integration with AdMob, automatic Screen Tracking, Free Storage Tier in BigQuery …. I believe that for this I will have to write a separate article.

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Conclusion: We can endlessly retell the story of how the Starbucks has received 3 million mobile transactions a week thanks to the launch and proper use of its own mobile application. But time flies.

We value our clients and their ideas. Our aim is to provide the best solution at reasonable prices. That’s why we are using the latest technologies available on the market to insure fast and seamless project delivery.

Got some questions or concerns? Would like to know more about the technologies we use? Drop us a message on and get your consultation absolutely FREE.


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