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Future of retail is E-commerce
There is no doubt E-commerce is the future of traditional retail as the retail industry is expected to change with the continuous development of new online sales and distribution channels. It allows for easy access anytime, anywhere be it work, school, hotel, car, airplane, or more. Traditional retailing is the traditional way of selling the product to the final customer through a physical store in a specific location. E-commerce is enabling sellers to list their products and specifications online and customers are no longer required to travel to the stores to find specific products making their life more convenient. Read more about how the customer experience is changing with E-commerce:
No Geographical Limitations

Reach target customers across the globe without a physical store

More Customers with SEO

Search Engine Optimization allows retailers to get found online at the desired target locations

Cost Reduction

E-commerce removes the upfront investment of operating traditional stores such as infrastructure expenses, rent, sales staff salaries, equipment costs, etc.

Faster Buying Process

E-commerce allows customers to find the products and related information quickly that leads to a faster decision of purchasing the product.

Multiple Payment Methods

E-commerce comes with multiple payment methods which include cash, online payment, EMI option, etc.

Attracts Customers

With a comfortable UI/UX, rewards, coupons, and discounts business owners can attract customers and can turn them into loyal customers.

Flexibility for customers

In traditional retail, the physical store will remain open for specific hours in a day, but E-commerce will remain open 24*7. It is more convenient for customers to shop anytime.

E-commerce Services

Incredible services for extraordinary customers

B2C E-commerce Platforms

Build interactive and complete fully functional portals

  • Connect directly with customers
  • Integrate advanced E-commerce tools
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
B2B Marketplace

Build secured, viable and feature-rich marketplaces

  • Deliver products and services to businesses
  • Recur growth
  • Efficient marketplace
Multi-vendor platforms

Build a platform for multiple businesses & vendors

  • Multiple vendors
  • Multiple services
  • Scalability
Migration & Updates

Move your existing legacy portal to advance new and secured platforms which are modern-age, efficient, customizable and fully functional.

  • Maintains complete data integrity and security
  • Better user experience
API Integration

Implement advanced API for more convenient E-commerce development

  • Payment gateway
  • Customer management
  • Analytics support
  • Billing management
  • And much more
E-commerce website development

Build an E-commerce website to reach your target market across the world.

  • Market presence of stores
  • Inventory management
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Remove traditional upfront investment
E-commerce mobile app development

Be with your customer always with a mobile app.

  • Native and hybrid application
  • Better experience for customers
  • Better visibility of products
E-commerce Storefront design

Design your E-commerce with us and meet the expectations of potential customers.

  • Customer centric approach
  • Easy navigation
  • Eye catchy design
Custom E-commerce integration

Using our expertise in REST and SOAP API integration, make your E-commerce more valuable and efficient.

  • Third party content management systems
  • Customer relationship management
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • And much more
Technology Landscape

Every business needs the right platform to serve its customers


For B2B and B2C, Magento is the most reliable platform which is built on PHP. The platform is an SEO-friendly content management system that is open-source and highly customizable.

  • Allows choosing any hosting service
  • Best standards of mobile & web design improve the shopping experience
  • Easy integration of third party add ons and modifications without restrictions
  • Better performance speed

Shopify comes with 70+ customizable themes that enable business owners to create their online shops as they want by personalizing the themes. Shopify is SEO compliant technology with continuous improvements and customer engagement tools that help customers know about new products to improve product sales.


WooCommerce is simply a great choice for easy setup. Woocommerce is a free E-commerce plugin to integrate with WordPress that allows business owners to sell products easily and quickly. As per a recent study, around 30% of business owners use WooCommerce to sell and ship their products as well as collect payments.

  • Wordpress integration
  • Reliable Customer service
  • Sales tax made simple
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Customize storefront without coding

BigCommerce is undoubtedly a great choice for E-commerce because of its new features and functions such as built-in blogging, SEO, and 24X7 customer support. The major benefit for business owners is providing their customers a user-friendly interface.

  • SEO tools
  • Adaptive site themes
  • Secure experience
  • Easy user experience

With Squarespace you can create the best design templates, creatives and artists mainly use Squarespace to design rich and attractive templates. Squarespace includes all the basic tools to create the E-commerce store including customers having complete control over inventory, product variants, coupon generation, and shipping settings.

  • Stunning site themes and functions
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Subscription-model compatibility
  • Orders and inventory management
Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a boom in e-commerce, it is completely changing the shopping experience by enabling visualization of the products virtually. The try-on feature is a total game-changer in the retail business. With augmented reality, customers are able to see the 3D model of the product and can gauge the colors, materials, patterns of fabric, etc. giving a true picture to the customers resulting in higher satisfaction and fewer returns.

  • Immersive experience
  • Improve customer relationship
  • Reduce product return rate
E-commerce Solution Essentials

Improve your sales by implementing the important elements

Strong Brand Identity
A User-Friendly Design
High-Quality Product Images
Customer Reviews
Streamlined Checkout Process
Order Fulfillment Method
Payment Gateway
Data Analytics
Prominent shopping cart and checkout buttons
E-commerce Customer Experience

Engage your customers with better customer experience

E-commerce is the first choice to purchase goods and services nowadays and for business owners, E-commerce is the only way to present their products and services worldwide without any limitations, earning more than 60 percent revenue by this method alone. To become stable and profitable, the business owners need to take care of the customer experience as expectations of customers are continuously increasing and 73% of customers are loyal to the same E-commerce store because of their experience. Building audience trust, loyalty, unique selling proposition, perceived value, business growth, and successful customer experience plays a vital role.
Build Audience Trust

Continuous customer engagement develops more trust among customers, and businesses need to ensure that they are delivering on the expectations to make customers happy and keep coming back.

Unique Selling Proposition

Unique products, services, events, and promotions can improve the customer experience and attract them to come on your portal increasing product sales.

Business Growth and Success

Better customer experience leads to growth and success for businesses by improving purchase frequency and higher purchase orders.

Become Customer-Centric

Know your audience and their requirements with the help of feedback and analytics to provide the relevant information and service.

Advanced and Intuitive UX

UX should be focused on mobile shoppers mainly, well-optimized, and simple user experience with enough product details to improve overall sales.

Customer’s Senses and Emotions

With augmented reality and virtual reality, the customer can experience the real sense of the product in real life.

Supply Chain Optimization

Centralizing the inventory data, product delivery, and safety, helps avoid disappointing customers by avoiding stockouts.

Payment Options

Identify customer preferences in the payment and provide a seamless and secure checkout experience.

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Pranay and his team at Wedigtech have the best of the expertise in project management and technology services. I have used their services for our brand’s Magento 2 web store development with lot of complex customisation and they did a fantastic job. I recommend their services to everyone who is looking to develop any sort of web and mobile applications.

Waleed Alhajri

Director of IT

On-going trusted partners and adds value with innovative mindset

Wedigtech have been a trusted partners all software engineering needs. The team is highly professional, reliable and competent to execute the most complex tasks and adds a lot of value to the products by innovate mindset.

Sunny Jain

Founder & CEO
Sun Genomics

Best match of speed and quality

They did a fantastic job by following our tight timelines in launching the Magento 2 website which involved mobile first approach in the UI and lot of customisations and integration. Very professional and reliable partners.

Head of E-commerce

Apollo Pharmacy

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