Sun Genomics

On-going technology partnership for software development

Floré creates custom gut probiotics tailored and formulated to users' unique microflora to improve digestion, increase energy, and reduce bloating.

San Diego, United States

Project Duration

On-going technology partnership for software development


Sun Genomics Inc. / Personalized Probiotics, Healthcare


The client is a funded startup in the healthcare space for personal probiotics. They wanted to build multiple web and mobile applications like customer portal and mobile app, laboratory management system, data visualization tools, etc. They were looking for an experienced and trusted team of technologists and project management experts.


WeDigTech was tasked with understanding the startup's vision to build multiple technology pieces and tools over time to automate customer experience, lab, sales, and shipment processes. We established a highly productive, ROI-driven agile development process to build technology touchpoints on web and mobile technologies over time.

We deployed a talented and experienced team of engineers including project manager, scrum master, technical leads, developers, quality analysts, and DevOps roles with expertise in NodeJS, React Native, ReactJS, QA Automation, Data Science, Data Visualization, MongoDB technologies. We also monitored the operations of the agile development team and aligned them on the quarterly goals.

Technology Stack

WeDigTech scaled the team from 1 developer to 10+ people with diverse project management and engineering roles in 2 years timeframe. We built and scaled 5+ large-scale applications from scratch, including a proprietary laboratory management system, automating entire processes, saving more than 40% of the time, right from receiving the customer order to fulfilling the order. With customer apps and improving probiotics with the help of data capturing tools, customer repeat value increased by 1.3x.

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