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Virtual Reality (VR) allows users to immerse themselves in spectacular three-dimensional artificial worlds. Augmented Reality (AR) creates incredible, lifelike experiences. These ‘extended reality technologies are currently hugely popular in the tech industry, and with good cause. Virtual reality allows people to experience diverse outside world destinations while sitting in the comfort of their own homes, whilst augmented reality dramatically expands the ways in which linked gadgets may aid with daily activities such as looking for information, shopping, and other tasks. VR gaming immerses gamers in a three-dimensional world, allowing them to experience the game's physical presence. The developments in augmented and virtual reality technology have aided in the competitiveness and efficiency of industrial processes.

AR / VR Development Services
Location-Based AR Apps

Direct customers to your business by integrating AR with GPS and location sensors, to interpret street signs, provide tourist information, and marking key sites.

E-Commerce AR Apps

Create cutting-edge e-Commerce applications that are simple to integrate into your business and provide exceptional shopping experiences to help you increase sales and ROIs.

AR Game Development

Develop location-based games, first-person shooters, or RPGs, expanding the playfield, adding interesting characters that blend within users’ environment and keep the games interesting.

Maintenance & Repair AR Apps

Use AR Repair and Maintenance apps to reduce human error, execution time, breakdowns, and costs and increase productivity, operation speed, compliance, and profits.

Marketing & Advertising AR Apps

Create an immersive experience for marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, corporate events, product launch advertisements, and more.

Learning & Training AR Apps

Enhance the learning experience by blurring the line between the real and digital worlds for faster and more effective learning and helping students retain what they've learned.

VR Environment for Products

Gain a competitive edge and a significant market share by significantly influencing consumers' views and impressions about your products.

Trade Shows VR Apps

Showcase products at trade shows, conferences, or exhibits with limited space and resources while effectively engaging visitors.

E-Commerce VR Apps

Resolve product problems, avoid cart abandonment, and reduce product returns by delivering a comprehensive understanding of items before purchase to the customers.

Social Experiences VR Apps

Promote products or services in exciting and engaging ways, tell brand stories, create brand awareness and affinity through social experiences with Virtual Stores, Live Events and videos.

Virtual Tours VR Apps

Create a virtual tour of your of industry or manufacturing plant to to provide your customers an end to end visibility about your infrastructure and work quality, to stay ahead with you competitors.

Industrial Training VR Apps

Train your new trainees in the industry with virtual and augmented reality to improve the learning efficiency of the trainees that will also reduce the cost of training and essential physical objects during the training.

How AR VR is changing the customer experience
Product Visualization

Using augmented reality to see items may help businesses engage with customers in a whole new way. AR/VR offers incomparable experiences that enhance product capabilities, give customers additional information, and boost customer loyalty. For example, virtually “trying-on” clothes/shoes/makeup, seeing furniture in their own homes before making a purchase, and so much more.

Seeing Trends

AR apps can enable users to see what is trending in stores by displaying overlays of likes and top comments over products placed on hangers and shelves, offering the consumer an interactive visual experience.

Interactive Packaging

Brands can use augmented reality experiences in their packaging to provide consumers with an engaging visual experience. These experiences range from practical uses such as providing recipes and interactive culinary demos utilizing their products as an ingredient to pharmaceutical firms letting consumers scan their packaging for more information on the medication and potential interactions.

Try Before You Buy

Through creative applications of augmented reality, beauty apps are taking the uncertainty out of picking a new look. They allow users to try on different hairstyles, lipsticks, eyelashes, and other facial cosmetics in a 3D virtual makeover, using the smartphone's camera to precisely map the shape of the customer's facial features and overlay the beauty products on their face so they can see what colors and brands look best before buying.

Virtual Dressing Rooms

Customers may choose a garment from a virtual shelf, then choose their clothing size and body form, making shopping for clothing easier. The apparel is tried on by an AR-generated model, which can be rotated 360°, giving the buyer a better sense of how the garments will fit. They can capture and display clothes from all angles, allowing customers to evaluate clothing alternatives side by side and even share the photos with friends.

Technical Assistance

With AR-based visual help, the back-and-forth that is so frequent in agent-customer interactions during technical support calls may be avoided. Customers may use Visual Support to hold their smartphone up to the device, and computer vision technology will identify all parts in real time. The specific name and model number of the faulty equipment can be immediately known to agents, resulting in speedier issue resolution.


A powerful and intuitive programming language with concise and safe syntax for delivering a faster application.


An integrated development environment for creating complex macOS and iOS programs.


A development platform for building AR applications using mobile cameras, sensors, and processors.

Scene Kit

A 3D graphics programming interface for Apple that allows the creation of 3D animated scenes and effects within the applications.


A cross-platform game engine that imports and assembles the assets and allows you to write code for the interaction with objects for building games and applications.


An augmented reality development kit that allows to recognize images and objects, and interact with spaces in the real world.


Java is a class-based, high-level, object-situated programming language that is made to have scarcely any implementation dependencies.


Kotlin is a free, open-source, statically composed "realistic" programming language which is centered around interoperability, wellbeing, lucidity, and tooling support.

Android Studio

An official integrated development environment for Google's Android operating system.


A software development kit developed by Google to build augmented reality applications, also known as google play services for AR.

Unreal Engine

An open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool to bring real-time experience to life.


SDK for creating mobile augmented reality experiences.

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  • Medical Imaging
Real Estate
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  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Product Simulation
  • Technical Training
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Assurance
Education & Training
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  • Construction Projects Modelling
  • Historical Walking Tours
  • Language Learning
Travel & Tourism
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  • Language Translation
  • Hotel Tours
  • Historical Tours
Military & Defense
  • Synthetic Training Environment (STE)
  • Vehicle Simulations
  • Flight Simulations
  • Medical Training
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  • Visualize menu items
  • Provide food origin
  • Cooking and staff training
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