5 in 1 Smart Sensor IoT Solution

OVAL is a 5-in-1 smart sensor that monitors and alerts you to sudden or gradual changes in temperature, light, humidity, motion, and water; turning any ordinary room, area, or object into a smart and connected one instantly.

New York, United States

Project Duration

First version 6 months, On-going Technology Partnership


OVAL Digital Inc. / 5 in 1 Smart Sensor IoT Solution


OVAL founders came with a prototype of the 5-in-1 smart sensor and were looking for a technology partner who could make the finished product from the prototype by providing an entire end-to-end solution with ideas and processes. They had 400+ Indiegogo backers who backed the product and were waiting for it to launch.


WeDigTech was tasked with the analysis and understanding of the prototype and creating the product concept by identifying the gaps in the prototype and mapping it with user experience. WeDigTech created a roadmap with strict timelines and worked on:

  • Understanding the smart sensor IoT ecosystem and integrations with embedded systems
  • Firmware development along with Over the Air updates for hubs and sensors
  • Mobile app conceptualization and development
  • AWS IoT core setup and integration
  • Emended development for hub and sensors
  • iOS and Android Native apps development
  • Node.js based microservices architecture design and development
  • Setting with QA processes and implementation
  • Deployment of AWS services

WeDigTech helped launch the product and is working on maintaining the product post-launch.

Technology Stack

WeDigTech delivered a fully tested V1 of the product with the scalability of up to 10k concurrent sensors. The product was launched within the timeline and shipped to the 400+ Indiegogo backers. OVAL was able to raise over $500k funding from multiple accelerators including Quake Capital and Amazon. The product was also featured at CES in 2020 and 2021 and got many accolades.

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