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MongoDB development means:
High Performance
Big Data
Flexibility and Security

Build your cloud project with the power of MongoDB and the professionals who follow the best practices done over 100+ projects.

High Performance

It helps to use the internal memory to store the working temporary datasets which is faster to access.

Variety of data

MongoDB can run over multiple servers. The data is duplicated to keep the system up.

Optimized Queries

Index can be used to find a specific amount of data that a query needs to process, it builds on one or more fields to make the queries faster by only scanning the index and reference data, not the entire data collection.

Role-Based Authorization

Provides predefined system roles, privileges and, user-defined roles for user authentication and access level implementations.


Provides secure encryption capability for all the data at rest using encryption keys.


MongoDB is very flexible and adaptable to real world business situations and requirements.

What you can build with MongoDB
Serverless Ecommerce

The Serverless Ecommerce Platform is an implementation of a serverless backend for e-commerce. Functionalities are split across multiple microservices that communicate either through asynchronous messages over Amazon.

Real Time Data Integration

Data is valued if it is consolidated and aggregated in a single view, MongoDB is capable enough to get this done. Because of the flexibility of MongoDB, it is easier to aggregate data and create tools to make an organization more efficient.

Data Centric Products

Dynamic schema capabilities of MongoDB help to bring the relevance between attributes and product documents to provide a better experience to both customers and the developers. The different attributes of the product can be stored and can be used to understand the customer better. Data is gold nowadays and the quality and volume of data are improving product catalogs.

Polyglot Database System

The excellent capability of MongoDB is to pick the best part of the data which leads to an amazing experience to use as a large-scale system.

Personalization / AI / ML

MongoDB is a good fit for personalizing the data to personalize the customer experience, such as customized homepage, offers etc. MongoDB can incorporate any kind of data while providing the feature for improving the customer experience. It allows to personalize the data in real time and run the complex queries against the data and bring the customer data in a single database shared by applications such as CRM, billing etc.

Content Management

Content management saves and stores information and associates metadata to a range of applications such as websites, publications, and archives. If your audience is global and speaks different languages, MongoDB allows scaling built-in data, as per need the database can be scaled and it is automatic and transparent.

What a perfect MongoDB development looks like

You’re guaranteed to hire well qualified, tested and proven developers.

First of all, our hiring process involves high quality qualification rounds and only the top 10% of the applicants are recruited and offered a job. Secondly – we emphasize on developers’ personal growth and motivation. Finally, our priority is to make the best use of your investment with effectiveness and project management.

  • Technical lead – every team gets one. They are the most experienced developers who take care of the right software development process and help the team with following it.
  • Interdisciplinary skills – you can easily fill the gap between frontend and backend software development, and take advantage of our cross cultural collaborative experience.
  • Delivery mindset – we focus on business requirements and goals in the development process, so that you can start generating value from technology fast.
  • Effective communication – you’ll quickly feel like we worked as your in-house team. Our process is fully transparent and cooperative. And obviously, everyone speaks English very well.
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"WeDigTech was without a doubt the best choice OVAL could have made for this production. They have been trusted, collaborative, and valued partners from the beginning of the project and long after the initial production ended."

Mike Harry
Oval (CEO, OVAL Digital Inc.)

“I've been working with the team at WeDigTech for nearly 3 years now and it has been a pleasure working with them. They are incredibly hard working and honest, and have all the skills and experience that you expect from a full-stack development house.”

Patrick Deehan
Music Wellness App (Founder)

“WeDigTech team has amazing programmers and they worked on a project owned by the HILTON for me. I can only say that you ask it and they do can be done!”

Allen Rubin
Owner - Southbay Website Design

“WeDigTech is a great company to work with. They offer quality services combined with reliable communication.”

Messiah Jacobs
tapReplay (co-founder)
Why product and technology leaders build their MongoDB teams with us
ROI driven approach

We believe in returns on investment and all our development strategies are built to maximize it for our clients.

Best coding practices

Our developers are highly qualified and follow best practices to implement the right solution.

Ability to scale the team in days

We are proud of our talent acquisition team who ensures that we scale the teams on-demand within days and weeks.

Startup and enterprise experience

We have 10+ years of experience working on 100+ startups and enterprise clients which makes us the best choice among our competitors.

Integrated QA and DevOps processes

Our developers are highly skilled in unit testing with environments to boost quality and productivity integrated with DevOps experience.

Microservices ready approach

Now scale your digital product anytime with us without worrying about continuous software delivery.

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