Program Partners

Our partners on the ground have spent years researching the countries where they operate, gaining the trust of local communities, learning and perfecting the skills required to deliver services in often challenging circumstances, and integrating their efforts into the local culture. Innocent Eyes Project relies on their experience and knowledge to deliver the gift of education to underserved communities.

We are currently working with program partners who are providing services, building schools and libraries, and educating children in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Uganda, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

The Makena Children’s Foundation

Make a Difference Now

Partnering 4 Africa

Amigos de Santa Cruz Foundation

What We Do

We find and provide funding for grassroots nonprofit organizations working to educate children in the developing world. We give voice to children who live below the radar of governments and large charitable organizations, and we bring their stories to travelers with the means to help.

In addition to raising money to support specific programs, we will strive to raise awareness among global travelers about the importance of early child education in developing countries through lectures, photography exhibitions, appearances, social media, articles, and trips.

We select our partner organizations carefully based a proven track record of exceptional work and the needs they address. We ensure that every dollar funds education projects and doesn’t go to the promotion of religious activities.

Projects we are interested in funding

  • Projects in developing nations.
  • Primary school or early education programs are given priority.
  • Projects that target resources towards educating girls are given priority.
  • Projects that provide tuition or school fees assistance to underprivileged students.
  • Projects that assist the children of nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes.
  • Projects that have a start and finish date.
  • Projects that deliver a tangible result (library, school, uniforms, books, supplies).
  • Projects that provide high impact to an entire community.
  • Projects that have long-lasting and sustainable results.

Request for Funding

  • Must be a U.S. based not-for-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) designation.
  • Must demonstrate a track record of at least 3 consecutive years of success with previous projects.
  • Must be willing to provide regular updates on progress throughout the project or duration of the funding agreement.
  • Must sign a Program Funding Agreement.

Download Funding Application

Download Program Funding Agreement