Pushkar Gypsy Girl

From a distance, the hundreds of tents in endless rows on the outskirts of Pushkar looked like the military encampment of a besieging army. I hoped off my camel cart to walk the sandy corridors between tents where thousands of desert nomads, were welcoming a new day. The barren dunes …read the full story

A Hill Tribe Spectacle

As human beings we are both repelled and inextricably attracted to the unfamiliar, the strange, and the seemingly incomprehensible. Like so many visitors to Thailand, I too felt drawn to visit the long neck women of the northern hill tribes, knowing full well that the images I captured might …read the full story

Namaste Nepal

At the edge of the village Ghandruk in the Middle Hills of Nepal, our trail crossed in front of a small house with a crude stone porch. A young girl was waving as she enthusiastically hopped down the stairs and started running towards us. She stopped abruptly in front of me …read the full story

Graceful Innocence

I set out from camp near the train depot at Kilometer 88 to trek the Inca Trail with my wife, seven other tourist-trekkers, our lead guide Narcico, fifteen Peruvian porters and a fabulous cook. The trail is a collection of ancient Inca footpaths interwoven with recently cut connector trails …read the full story

A Holy Day in Xinjiang

Just hours after arriving in the ancient city of Kashgar, via a late-night plane out of Urumqi, I was amidst throngs of worshipers outside Id Kah Mosque in the predawn darkness. Romantic images of remote oases, exotic bazaars and camel caravans laden with precious stones, spices and shimmering silks …read the full story

It’s a Complicated Story

I began working slowly and awkwardly with the market already established for my viewing. Many women remembered me from my previous visit to their remote Samburu village. Through my guide Peter Muruthi Muigai we shared some stories, some laughs, and I was given a new name …read the full story

An Island Princess

After crossing the Golfo de Nicoya, our kayaks slipped quietly through the smooth waters surrounded by mangrove swamps on the Island of Chira. There are several islands in the gulf, which are the result of a submerged fault …read the full story

A Kolkata Blessing

On my first visit to India I had the opportunity to walk the streets of Kolkata almost exactly 10 years after the death of Mother Teresa. The narrow lanes in the northern part of city are hot, dirty, and filled with streaming crowds of people, rickshaws, and animals. Formally known as Calcutta, …read the full story

A New Friend in Kenya

When we, as tourists, enter a remote Samburu village or a Maasai manyatta, everything changes. The young children are frightened by our presence and confused by our cameras. A group of children who are playing, as any group of young children might play anywhere in the world, suddenly stop. …read the full story