Why corporate should adopt e-learning for their staff?

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Covid-19 Impact on E-learning

Pandemic has changed the e-learning impact overall in the world. We all are aware of it already. It has impacted the education system whole, whether you see the students studying in schools, colleges and universities. Every single person has adopted online learning being a student, employee, housewives and many more.

Now learning has become so easy, one can access it from anywhere and anytime.

And most importantly studying and working from home has been a great advantage, people have extra time to enhance their skills or get expertise in particular fields.

One can leverage this opportunity to start something new by learning the required skills and start their own online business.

One can leverage this opportunity to start something new by learning the required skills and start their own online business.

‘It’s worth making the investment if you want the top people to stay longer and do their job better’.

— Derek Hann, Chief Learning Officer, PayPal

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How can Corporate take advantage?

It’s time to take the opportunity seriously instead of worrying about it. Time to level up your skills and especially of your team members. Being a CEO or owner is itself a big responsibility and at the same time being a leader is more important than that.

Looking out at this situation is a depression in whole, your team members need motivation and by empowering them to upgrade their skills and get expertise will boost up their confidence which will impact their performance & productivity for sure, and this directly impacts the performance of the whole enterprise and environment.

Providing training, which is accessible online would be such a positive experience for all the members of the team, where everyone is trying to travel less and here they can learn and work together from anywhere and anytime.

Impact on the Customer Experience

Now when your customers are spending more time online so at the same time they expect more, their demands are high and when you look in the market the competition is on peek. Now, what can you do? Hire more people who have these required skills and spend more time on them to get comfortable in the environment.

Ok! Let’s suppose for once you hire but then who knows and predicts the all-time market demand. How many times will you hire and fire?

What other solution you can take on?

Train your existing employees as per the market demand and the trends as well. Try to keep upgrading their skills, as it will take less time to spend as they are already comfortable in the environment and this will also boost up their confidence to perform more effectively and efficiently.

Let see what market stats says regarding the adoption of E-learning in upcoming years –

Specifically in enterprise & Corporates!

The corporate e-learning market could increase by $38.09 billion between 2020 and 2024.

Statistics Source: techjury.net

So still thinking? The research is already done.
There will be .. oo NO!!

There is a big boom in the market right now.

Impact of e-learning in various enterprise/corporate

IBM saved approximately $200 million after switching to e-learning.

Statistics Source: techjury.net

E-learning has actually impacted big MNC’s and adopting this on time can create a big impact on SMEs as well.

Expected Impacts on –

1. Employees

E-learning has a direct impact on employees as employees are the heartbeat of an enterprise, need to take care and nourish them timely otherwise it will impact in other ways to an enterprise.

Ensure to keep their skills on the peak as per the new technologies and trends required and demanded in the market and make them learn and tend to have expertise in the particular field. Which will indirectly benefit your business.

2. Customers

With the change in trend and technology, there is a direct impact on the demand of customers in the market. Businesses need to make sure to keep customer satisfaction on priority if there is a goal to be in a stable position in the market.

I hope you all are already aware of the fact of competition level in the market, if still, we tend to perform with old technologies then we are losing the power to be on the top.

Benefits of adopting e-learning in your enterprise/corporate

Corporate e-learning takes 40% to 60% less time to complete when compared to traditional learning.

Statistics Source: techjury.net

E-learning can be beneficial in many ways, depending on how effectively and efficiently an enterprise is willing to take over.

1. Cost Efficiency

Is it more cost-effective than the traditional one?

Is this statement right? How?

Of course, it is.

The simple difference is business’ saving the money of the trainer’s salaries and cost of systems and equipment required for the physical training.

Virtual training has come up with breakthroughs in saving all this amount and investing in other aspects. E-learning solution is not very cheap but affordable for all the enterprises, at least it’s a one-time investment for sure less than the traditional one.

2. Increase Learning Involvement & Development

Already discussed above, the development of employees and team members is one of the reasons and the most beneficial advantage of e-learning solutions which enhance the skills and knowledge.

3. Stay Competitive

Healthy competition always makes you strong and gives you the strength to improve and give better results by performing efficiently.

Working on the latest technologies in the market can take your business on another level and easily compete with your strongest competitors.

4. Increase Business Growth Opportunities

So basically all these benefits are interconnected, see if your business is adapting some cost-effective solution and then investing in another aspect and improving performance by getting hands-on new technologies through learning new skills and developing and after that keeping the high-level competition can, fortunately, increase your chances of getting more opportunities with high growth and success.

5. More Convenient & Productive

No time boundation tends to be more convenient in learning.

Online courses are so easy to access nowadays, just one click anywhere and anytime.

Flexibility tends to increase in productivity of employees, which motivates them to perform better.

6. Sustainability

E-learning solution ensures to keep less waste or no waste at all. No paperwork for assignments, tests & notes.

All important pdf, videos and all can be stored and accessed at one place anytime and anywhere.

Not ignoring the electricity note here, but according to the statistics provided by the eLearning Industry, e-learning is by 90% more efficient than traditional courses in terms of energy consumption and by 85% more efficient in terms of carbon dioxide emission.


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